Warmest Socks – What Makes The 40 Below Sock Warm

Want the warmest socks you can buy? You’re not alone. Cold feet will make the rest of your body cold as well.  The 40 below sock was created by Wigwam Mills in answer to pleas by the US Armed forces. They needed a sock rated for the extreme cold temperatures they face every day out in the field during winter. Several factors go into making the warmest sock. The sock itself does not generate heat. A sock’s effectiveness comes from it’s ability to insulate your feet and retain your body’s natural heat. The more air that a fabric is able to trap the more insulation it provides. If a sock is not able to do this, it will not keep your feet warm. The 40 below is fully cushioned, which means that is is the same thickness through out the entire sock. This provides your feet with nice thick insulation from top to bottom unlike socks that are thinner on the top of the foot.

Warmest Socks - 40 Below Boot Socks

The 40 Below is the warmest boot sock

The 40 Below sock is 50% wool. Wool has long been know for it’s ability to insulate. When wool yarn is knit into a thick yarn, it has an exceptional ability to trap air. Additionally, wool fibers are spring loaded. This allows a wool sock to retain it’s loft and also it’s insulating ability. Another great feature of wool is it’s ability to wick sweat and absorb it. Wool can absorb as much as 30% of it’s weight in moisture before it starts to feel wet against your skin. Moisture on your skin robs your feet of it’s natural heat. Moisture management is critical for a sock to be considered as the warmest.

Nylon is also used in the 40 Below. The chemical makeup of nylon fibers allow it to retain heat well. Nylon also adds durability to a sock. If you’ve owned 100% wool socks before, you might have noticed that they tend to wear out faster than other socks. The nylon content of the 40 below socks take the brunt of the wear and tear. This makes the warmest sock last almost twice as long as 100% wool socks.

Warmest Socks – Ideal Uses For the 40 Below

As the warmest sock available, the 40 below was designed for use as a boot sock. I know that many of you reading this article would love to wear the warmest socks available to the office. Unfortunately, you can’t always have the best of both worlds here. The 40 Below is too thick to wear with regular business shoes. They would also be a snug fit in a pair of sneakers.

As a boot sock, the 40 below performs the best in outdoor activities like hunting, snowmobiling, hiking, construction work, or anywhere you’d wear a boot. The 40 below is especially effective for activities where you are not very active. US Service men and women sit a a post for hours at a time as do hunters. Snowmobiler’s often get cold feet as they sit on their machine riding a long trail. The 40 below outperforms other winter socks in these examples. They retain the maximum amount of heat your feet need in order to stay warm and comfortable. If your feet do sweat a little, the 40 Below wicks that sweat from your feet keeping them dry and warm. They really are the warmest socks available!

If you’re tired of your feet freezing in the winter time, the 40 Below sock by Wigwam is your solution. They are field tested by the US Armed Forces. Wigwam originally only made them in black and green. Once civilians discovered how warm they are, Wigwam realized they needed to expand their color selection for their warmest sock. So now you can get the 40 Below to match almost anything you wear in cold weather.