Are you new to snowboarding? Maybe you’re getting ready for a winter trip and a couple weeks of snowboarding at a major resort. Whatever you might be gearing up for, you want to have a blast. You don’t want to get out onto the slopes only to learn that your snowboard socks aren’t what you thought they were and now you’re miserable because your feet are hurt or frozen. This is one of the number one complaints for beginner or novice snowboarders. Don’t make the same mistake that so many others have made. You’ve already invested a lot of money in your board and outerwear. Don’t forget to treat your feet the way ¬†you should with a nice pair of merino wool socks designed just for snowboarders.

Fox River Mills is famous for their Made In The USA quality outdoor socks. They’ve been specializing in merino wool

snowboarders love the boarderzone merino wool socks

Enjoy this season with boarderzone merino wool snowboard socks

outdoor socks for years. They’ve taken the time to listen to their customers and improve their socks based on that feedback. The Fox River Boarderzone merino wool snowboard sock is a result of seasons of feedback from customers. The high merino wool content insures that your feet stay nice and warm. Merino wool also wicks sweat well so your feet also stay dry, not damp and clammy like you may have experienced with inferior socks. Unlike regular wool, merino wool is extra soft and feels great next to your skin.

Do yourself a favor this winter season and buy the snowboard socks you know you’ve always wanted. After just one run down the slopes you’ll be glad you bought the Boarderzone merino wool snowboard socks from Fox River