Baselayer shopping can be quite difficult when you consider all of the different fabric types available in the outdoor market today. In this post I want to just mention one of the most popular baselayers available for women and talk briefly about why it has become so popular. Merino wool base layers have more

Stay Warm With A Merino Wool Base Layer For Women
than doubled in use by outdoor enthusiasts and more especially among women. The reason for this I believe is because first of all, merino wool is a natural fiber.

If you have found that you are allergic to the chemicals found in synthetic base layers, it is easy to see why you would want to have a natural fiber next to your skin. Second, merino wool fabrics have all of the wonderful moisture control and thermal insulating properties of regular wool, but it is very soft and non itchy like regular wool. So when you want to stay warm this winter and you are having a hard time selecting a baselayer, remember that you are always safe to go with a merino wool baselayer. Keep in mind that most manufacturers for merino wool baselayers for women make them in different weights. The two most common thicknesses or weights are lightweight and medium or midweight. Lightweight merino wool base layers are typically designed for mildly cold weather. Midweight baselayers are designed for more frigid temperatures. And as far as your activity level goes, merino wool baselayers are perfect for pretty much any level of activity from lounging around at home or sitting in an office to skiing, snowboarding and other high endurance activity.