With merino wool being the new buzz word in outdoor apparel, most major brands are coming out with their own line of merino wool apparel. The most popular use for merino wool is for socks and for thermal underwear. A quick search on the search engines will lead you to many different sites with many different selections of merino wool thermal underwear. If you hate being cold and you are looking for the warmest merino wool base layer available, you’ll want to search for expedition weight merino wool. ¬†Expedition weight merino wool is the thickest available. The thicker the garment the more air it is able to trap inside providing more insulation for your body’s natural heating system.

Expedition Weight Merino Wool is the warmest available for thermal underwear

A woman reaches new heights wearing her expedition weight merino wool thermal underwear

As I mentioned already, there are a lot of different brands out there producing merino wool thermal underwear. But there is only one that I know of that makes merino wool garments in an expedition weight and it is from a brand called Minus 33. With a name like Minus 33, you know they make warm stuff and you can guarantee that their expedition weight merino wool thermals are as warm as you can get. Minus 33 has been making expedition weight wool garments since they were founded in 1916, but only recently began making them from 100% merino wool. Right now they are only available in black which is probably the second most popular color for thermal underwear second to white. They do have other lighter weight merino wool thermal underwear and products available a wider selection of colors. I would guess that in the future Minus 33 will expand their color selection to their expedition weight merino wool lines.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that Minus 33 does make their expedition weight merino wool in both mens and womens sizes.

So, if you want the warmest merino wool thermals available, then go with the Minus 33 expedition weight merino wool thermal underwear. I guarantee you’ll love not only the warmth but also the quality of the product.