Athletic Socks Should Be Comfortable

Mattress companies do a great job of pointing out how many hours in our lifetime we will spend sleeping. I think that stat is somewhere around 200,000 hours. They use this number to point out how important it is to have the right mattress so that you make the most of those 200,000 hours spent sleeping. Well, the same holds true for athletic socks. If you wear athletic socks for at least 8 hours a day, you are looking at the same amount of hours wearing athletic socks. Your feet directly affect your level of comfort so if you wear athletic socks that aren’t comfortable, you are going to spend a large portion of your life with some level of discomfort. 200,000 hours is a long time to experience foot discomfort because you won’t just invest in some good athletic socks. If you are reading this and thinking that I’m out in left field then you either live in Hawaii and never wear socks or you’ve never experienced how nice your feet can feel with the right pair of athletic socks. I think so many of us just get so used to the way our feet feel that we don’t recognize how anxious we are to take our shoes and socks off at the end of the day.

Athletic Socks – Solutions Through Technology

Athletic sock companies make socks out of a wide variety of fabrics. Fabric technology has really raised athletic socks to new heights in terms of comfort and quality. Have you ever worn an athletic sock that by the time you were

Cheap Athletic Socks Will Leave You Disappointed

Are You Disappointed With Your Athletic Socks

finished with the activity you were involved in had stretched and misshaped to the point that it bunched up all throughout your shoe? Or maybe it wouldn’t stay up on your calf any longer making your calf length socks ankle socks. These are some of the common woes that have been eliminated by modern high performance athletic socks. Lycra or Spandex as it is commonly called has played an important part in making today’s best athletic socks. When combined with polyester, Lycra makes your athletic socks hug your feet so that you get the most out of the performance of your socks. This snug fit also prevents chaffing and blisters. Many sock companies put enough Lycra in the arch of your athletic sock that it actually supports and even promotes good arches in  your feet. Polyester athletic socks perform so well because polyester manages moisture extremely well. Polyester absorbs very little water. Instead, it spreads sweat from your feet across the entire sock effectively allowing the sweat to dissipate. This keeps your feet dry and comfortable instead of damp and soggy so common with regular cotton tube socks.

Athletic Socks Don’t Have To Be Expensive

All of this talk of performance athletic socks might have you thinking you have to spend a lot more for socks that will keep  your feet more comfortable. Not so. The fact is, most athletic socks are made of the same or similar materials no matter what company produces them. So, as long as you are educated on what fabrics to look for in a quality athletic sock, you can shop according to your budget and still get top quality athletic socks for the same price you pay for regular everyday socks. I’ll educate you more on other performance fabrics to look for in future posts. But remember, you spend too much time in your life wearing socks to not have comfortable athletic socks.