How much do your feet have to do with your comfort on the ski slopes? Frozen feet can ruin an otherwise perfect ski day. So why is it that some people think that they can throw on any old tube socks and not expect to have some degree of foot discomfort while skiing?

Sock technology has advanced ten fold since the start of the 19th century. The machines that knit socks and the fabrics available now are so advanced that you no longer have to suffer from cotton tube socks that bunch up, absorb water and kill your feet. In fact, new technology allows sock companies to produce socks that fit each foot anatomically. So let me tell you about the ultimate in ski socks that your feet will absolutely love.

Fox River Mills specializes in high performance merino wool socks. After years and years of manufacturing, testing, and improving socks, Fox River has perfected an anatomical merino wool ski sock that fits each foot perfectly. It is

Anatomical Merino Wool Ski Socks

Don't let your feet freeze. Get the VVS MV Merino Wool Ski Socks to keep your feet warm

called the VVS MV Ski Sock. They added just the right amount of cushion in the shin, heel and bottom areas of the each sock for maximum comfort without creating any pressure points that restrict blood flow. Restricted blood flow is the most common cause for cold feet while you are skiing. Blood flow is critical for cycling warmth throughout your foot to keep it warm. The merino wool content of the sock ensures the right amount of insulation to trap your body’s natural heat keeping your feet nice and warm. Merino wool also has superior wicking and moisture management so that when your feet do sweat, they don’t get cold. The VVS MV merino wool sock also has silk thread interlaced giving it that soft premium feel you’d expect in a high end ski sock.